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    Anumta Qureshi Fatty Look After becomes the Mother of her First Child

    Anumta is living a different style and massive Look She is the best and most Adorable Actress Making herself more active in Drama industry Anumta has many loyal Fan Following on Social media After becomes the Mother She is not working actively See some Stunning Pictures of Anumta with Different Style. Entertainer Anumta Qureshi […] More

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    Syed Alizey Fatima Wife of Feroze Khan at Najaf Hazrat Ali R.A Roza with Son

    Feroze Khan the Rock and Most Expensive Actor of the Pakistani Dramas Industry has a Wife from Syed Family and on this Muharram, She went to Iraq Najaf on Hazrat Ali Roza and Made some Prayer for her son there and its comes viral on Social Media. Feroze Khan Never has any Cotrovarsy with […] More

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    Mahira Khan’s charming looks are most certainly a dream of excellence

    Incredibly talented, beautiful, and stunning actress Mahira Khan has her own fashion statement. Her looks are always on fleek. Being a fashion inspiration Mahira Khan introduces the most gorgeous and stunning styles. Safe never opts for something so disgusting. Raees actress definitely knows how to stir our heartbeats with her majestic and beautiful looks. From […] More

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    Youthful Looking Mothers of Pakistani Celebrities

    The bond between a mother and a child is priceless. Pakistani celebrities also share a special bond with their mothers. Some of these celebrities have such young-looking mothers that most people have a tough time believing that these are actually their mothers. In the beginning, when these celebrities used to share pictures with their mothers, […] More

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