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Syed Alizey Fatima Wife of Feroze Khan at Najaf Hazrat Ali R.A Roza with Son

Feroze Khan the Rock and Most Expensive Actor of the Pakistani Dramas Industry has a Wife from Syed Family and on this Muharram, She went to Iraq Najaf on Hazrat Ali Roza and Made some Prayer for her son there and its comes viral on Social Media.

Feroze Khan Never has any Cotrovarsy with his wife She is living a Simple and Good Life with her husband and Family See some Stunning and Adorable Clicks of Both Feroze Khan and Alizey Fatima Unfortunately Feroze Cant join this Journey with his wife.

Alizey Fatima, spouse of prestigious Pakistani entertainer Feroze Khan likes to avoid media and the spotlight. We haven’t seen much from her as she once in a while decides to be a piece of online entertainment stages. It’s most certainly every Muslim’s desire to perform Hajj and Umrah. This wish gets so more grounded that you petition God for this reason like clockwork. To be there in infront of Kabah is the most gorgeous thing.

Feroze Khan has at last told his web fans who his Sheik is. The Habs player transferred a photograph of himself with his master and expressed, “My educator, my affection.” On Tabish Hashmi’s show prior in 2021, the entertainer said he wouldn’t endure any allegations against his Sheik.