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Zara Noor Abbas opens up on her unsuccessful labor and child misfortune

Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui are the most charming and adoring couple in Pakistan. They are apples of everyone’s eye. People love to stare at their love and warm relationship. The lovely couple was encouraged by their friends including Sajal Aly to meet up and have some conversation. This leads to a beautiful relationship between them. This young couple sets a sensation among couples. Their support for each other is ideal for many. Their cute relationship always has an impact on the netizens.

Zara Noor Abbas opens up on her miscarriage and baby loss

Zara’s spouse Asad in an interview revealed that they were going to be parents. But eventually, Asad shared the sad news that they lost their baby boy during the sixth month of pregnancy. In an interview, Asad talked about their baby loss, that this was the most difficult and heart-wrenching experience to bury his own son. The couple was disheartened. This was the most disturbing incident for Asad And Zara.

Zara Noor Abbas opens up on her miscarriage and baby loss

Later on, Zara Noor Abbas also opens up in an interview about her baby loss. It was a very difficult topic for her to speak about. Due to some health issues, they lost their baby. This was a very hard time for both of them. Their baby had a stillbirth during the sixth month of her pregnancy. The mother’s depressive state becomes difficult to control. But Asad supports her in her hard time and help her to recover rapidly. She told that she went for a daily checkup where she was informed that Zara had to deliver her baby that day at 22 weeks. Her family and friends support and console her during their hard times.

Lot’s of good wishes and prays for this darling couple. They will be blessed again soon by the grace of God. Thanks!